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WHILE many people are complaining about the economy and lack of job opportunities, a few people are using initiative to create employment for themselves and others.

The story of garden boy who moved from the village to the city and then learnt how to save, shows that anyone with a drive can make it in life.

Positive thinking and seeing opportunities where others are only seeing struggle, is the difference between success and failure.

Shipapi has moved from just being a village boy, garden boy, to now being a driver with a successful business on the side.

It did not matter what hurdles one faces in life as long as one has the drive and is determined to succeed.

This is the Tamanga Life (hustling) that many in the informal sector are well acquainted with.

The reason some will succeed where many others have failed and given up, is the will never to give up.

Employment opportunities can not only be created by government, but by any person with a vision to succeed.

The role of government is to ensure that the environment for conducting business are conducive. For instance, government should ensure there is less red tape in the registration of business so that small enterprises could be set up with minimum capital.

We can only hope that many would be inspired by a garden boy’s determination to succeed.

There are many examples that could be given of successful stories of people rising from poverty to riches. Stories of people overcoming struggles to reach great heights in life.

This is the life that Mr Shipapi has told. His humble beginning and acceptance of what God has given him and being able to use that to achieve something positive.

It is this kind of attitude that will help the nation to develop.

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