HONEYBEE DEMANDS $17.9M – applies for default judgement

Written by on May 14, 2022


HONEYBEE Pharmacy Limited has applied for leave to have the Lusaka High Court enter judgement in default against government in a matter it is demanding payment of US $17, 958,150 for the alleged ‘defective’ medical kits supplied in 2020.

In its claim filed on April 5, 2022, the company wants the court to compel the State to pay it $4,998,375 for the 500 medical kits it supplied under contract no. MOH/SP/032/19-02 and in the alternative for specific performance of the contract.

In an application for leave for order of summons to enter Judgement in default  filed in Court by Honeybee’s  lawyer Shupa Chipompela of Tutwa  S. Ngulube and Company, the State despite being served with the court process on April 5,2022,   has not entered appearance and defence.

Chipompela said the legal firm has sent several reminders to the Attorney General’S chambers, so that the matter is adjudicated upon in time, but all the efforts have been ignored.

Honeybee said in November 2019 it entered into a written agreement with the Ministry of Health for the supply of 22,500 health center kits under contract no. MOH/SP/032/19-02.

It stated that the said contract was approved by Government.

And between August 2019 and December 2020, it supplied the agreed 500 medical kits out of the required number.

The said kits were all subjected to examination, inspection and verification and a certificate of acceptance of goods under various invoices was issued and various delivery notes valued at US$3,990,700 at the time of delivery.

Honeybee stated that despite several written reminders for government to pay, it has neglected or ignored without giving reason.

The kits supplied included condoms and gloves.

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