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IN a case that many may laugh off, a man from Nakonde has been sexually assáulted by a woman further highlighting the need for all forms of Gender Based Violence to be dealth with comprehensively.

It is already a known fact that most victims of GBV prefer to keep silent for fear of being stigmatised or worse ignored by authorities.

Rape victims, for example are often scoffed at and accused of havinf attracted the assault upon themselves either because of the way that they dress or being found in public at night.

A lot of the time victims fall prey to criminally minded individuals whose main goal is to satisfy a sick compulsion.

Cases of babies and girls being defiled is regrettably on the rise and now we have a case of a woman intoxicating a teen for the sole purpose of puncing on him.

Police in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province have arrested a 29-year-old woman for defilement. Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Lizzie Machina, who confirmed the incident yesterday, said Taona Namwalizi of Katozi village allegedly defiled a 15 year old boy after intoxicating him with liquor.

Ms. Mashina said the occurrence which happened on 30th May, 2021 around 19:00 hours was reported to Nakonde Police Post by the juvenile’s mother, Harriet Nambeya on 31st May, 2021.

“The matter was reported at Nakonde Police by Harriet Nambeya aged 34 who reported on behalf of her son aged 15 that he had been defiled by Taona Namwalizi,” she said.

She further stated that the victim who is a Grade 5 pupil sustained injuries on his manhood. Ms. Mashina explained that Namwalizi took advantage of the boy after she asked him to escort her for some errands within the village.

“The victim was at home with his grandmother aged 87 years when Namwalizi requested him to escort her to collect some credit around the village, “she said.

To the contrary, the accused however, took the minor to the bar and later to her house where she defiled her victim. Ms. Mashina added that the victim was persuaded to drink beer which supposedly got him drunk and dozed off , leading to Namwalizi sexually assaulting him.

“When he woke up he allegedly found the said suspect mounted on him, carnally knowing him, that’s how he shouted for help and two members of the public got alarmed and rushed to check what was happening,” she said.

She further disclosed that the victim was advised to seek medical examination, while the suspect will appear in court soon.

“Acting on this report, ZP form 32 was issued to the victim for examination and medication. The suspect was apprehended by members of the public and handed over to Nakonde Police Post , ” Ms. Mashina said.

We applaud the community for taking action but more needs to be done to keep our children protected from these criminally minded individuals.

The Zambia Police and judiciary must expedite the incarceration of perpetrators and the medi must highlight these convictions.

If more people know that justice can be attained in GBV and sexual assault cases, hopefully more people will come forward.

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