Time to pass on baton– Nkole

Written by on July 17, 2020


ASPIRING Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Joseph Nkole said football administration is like a relay race where one administration runs its race and hands the baton over to the next.

In a statement, Nkole says the time has come to pass the baton over to him to carry football development. 

“When our administration takes over in the next coming months, we will run more not only to recover the past losses but work for the next to start on a better note.

“We are aware of the good, bad and ugly that has transpired. We will consolidate the good, convert the bad to good, and cut off the ugly,” he said. 

“As an example, the rehabilitation of Maramba Stadium is the king of good that will continue.”

He further indicated that the FAZ constitution required a review to get rid of clauses that had infringed on some members’ rights to participate in the advancement of the game.

“Judicial fair play will be placed at the heart of our soccer through constitutional reforms and ensure an efficient and effective secretariat as well as restore internal and external relationships,” Nkole said.

“We encourage the outgoing executive to push hard and pass the baton. We will not just promise but pledge to hard work, show maturity, draw on our experience and neutrality so that our promises don’t become “pro-missers” after 4 years,” he stated.

Nkole lamented that in the last four years FAZ had spent more focus on fulfilling international fixtures at the expense of technical development in the four pillars of football namely Coaching, Refereeing, Administration and Sports Medicine.

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