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LINDA SOKO TEMBO writes                                

POLICE have launched a manhunt for a man who allegedly defiled his six-year-old grand daughter leaving her hospitalized with complications.

 Webby Nyambe, 67 is reportedly in hiding but Western province Commissioner of police   Charles Lungu has directed his officers to launch a man hunt.

Mr Lungu told the Sun in an interview yesterday that he wants the man to be brought in   for allegedly defiling a six-year-old grand daughter, who has since been hospitalized.

 The child was defiled on unknown dates and was warned not to tell anyone so that she could not be killed. The child in pain, excessive bleeding from her private parts and making her fail to walk properly. 

In an interview with the Sun, mother of the girl narrated to the Sun what happened to the daughter.

THE SUN: What Happened?

MOTHER: My grandmother from Kaoma called me a week ago on   Friday, that my daughter fell but they were not sure when it happened and she was crying a lot. I told her that I would make arrangements to get her in December.

On Monday last week, she sent me a text message that they had admitted my daughter at Kaoma hospital and I told her that I would look for transport and travel to Kaoma. On Wednesday my grandmother called that, they had referred them to Lewanika general hospital in Mongu.

I arrived at Lewanika general hospital on Thursday and we were discharged on Monday and went home. While in hospital, the doctor was attending to her leg and she also had a problem with her digestion system.   

On Tuesday around 21:00 hours my daughter urinated in her pant as I was changing her and I thought of checking her private part.

It was then that I noticed some white discharge coming out of her private parts. Something that looked like sperms. I asked her if someone had defiled her. She told me yes, there was a man who had forced himself on her. I ask her who that person was. At first she refused and said she did not know the man because he stayed very far.

I encouraged her to tell me the truth because God hated children who told lies. She then opened up and told me it was her grandfather, who forced himself on her.

She said “grandfather is the one who did this to me and told me if anyone asks I should tell them it was his grandchild who did this to me” and the boy they wanted to accuse is only 11 years old.

And on Wednesday my daughter started bleeding heavily and the grandmother asked her who defiled her and she told her that someone did that to her but refused to mention the name.

We took her back to the hospital and the grandmother asked her again and she opened up and told her that it was her grandfather and he warned her that if she told anyone he was going to kill her.

Right now we are in hospital and my child is in pain and crying a lot we are just waiting to hear from the doctors. 

THE SUN: Was the matter reported to the police.

MOTHER: Yes, I reported the matter to the police on Wednesday and I have a medical report I am just waiting for the doctor to sign it. And the man has not yet been apprehended

All I want is to see the man jailed because my child’s future has been destroyed and it is not fair that she must be abused at such a tender age.

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