Line-up Zambian products for international markets, says IZP

Written by on August 13, 2019


ZAMBIA produces many local products and services of high quality that can sell very well on international markets, says Indigenous Zambian Products (IZP) director Rozious Siatwambo

Dr Siatwambo said there many goods produced locally but that Zambia had never taken full stock of what was made locally.

“In Zambia we have a lot of goods that we produced but we have never taken time to make an inventory of these local products like what it is done in Ghana or Kenya,

“In those countries there are centres specifically for local products and services, but for us local producers we only gather when there is a promotion or open market day,” said Dr Siatwambo.

He said local producers only gathered when there was a function such as Agricultural and Commercial show but after that, it was difficult to locate them.

Dr Siatwambo said most local products were capable of competing on the international market but lacked exposure.

He explained that the Indigenous Zambian Products promoters were an initiative aimed at promoting local products and services that were unique.

And author David Kashiki said that companies involved in production are profiled on social media platform without any charge.

He noted that some of the companies, which had been profiled, include Baobab Swirls, which was making soap from goat milk, Newtech Recycling and Savanna Premium which manufactured chocolate.

Mr Kashiki said that many companies had come on board and called on others to do the same so that people knew and appreciate what they were doing.

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