Suspected counterfeit Kwacha depositor battered (Pictures and Video)

Written by on August 9, 2019


A LUSAKA man on Wednesday afternoon narrowly escaped death after an instant justice mob descended on him after his mission to deposit counterfeit Kwacha banks notes was short-lived.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae Hamoonga when contacted for a comment, said he was still waiting for the report on the matter from the arresting officer.

Destiny Miti who managed to deposit K200 counterfeit notes at an Airtel money agent quickly run out of luck when he tried to do the same on another booth on Nkwazi Road in the central business district when alert members of public beat and apprehended him.

On being apprehended Miti believed to be in late 20s, a lady at the booth where he had earlier deposited the money Annette Mwamba appeared on the scene and identified him as the person who gave her two fake K100 bank notes.

Narrating her ordeal to the Sun, Ms Mwamba said the suspect walked to her booth and told her that he wanted to deposit K200 and after entering his phone number his name appeared as Destiny Miti.

She said after the suspect left, she noticed that the money which was in K100 notes looked different from others she had and became suspicious.

She then started chasing after him and fortunately, she found him trying to deposit the same amount of money with another agent and raised alarm.

On reaching the booth where Miti was she found the agent questioning him over the authenticity of the money he paid her, and in a process three people came and apprehended the suspect.

The second victim who refused to be mentioned explained that the suspect deposited K200 but before he left the booth, she also noticed that the money had unusual colours.

“Banabwela mongache ni customer wa normal, manje benze mu hurry nakuniuza ati bafuna kuchita deposit K200,

“Pamene ninasiliza kuchita transact ninalangana ndalama ma hundred kwacha yabili yenzo chosa vikala va yellow.

“Ndiye pamene ninaba funsa ati ndalama zanu sizioneka bwino.Nikalibe kusiliza kubafunsa ninaona che bantu babwela kuba gwila ati bachita deposit fake K200 pa Airtel money penangu.

(He came as a normal customer but he was so much in a hurry and told me that he wanted to deposit K200, I did the transaction but when he gave me the money, I noticed that the notes had yellow colours which were coming out.

(This forced me to ask him why his money was not looking genuine but he said it was okay. As we were talking, I just saw some people who came and apprehended him saying that he had deposited fake money at another Airtel booth) ,”she said.

The suspect who claims to have gotten the money from someone was later taken to Katondo Street police post and later taken to Central police station for further action.

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