Stubborn debtor abruptly changes mind

Written by on August 8, 2019

Mutinta Mulaye writes

A MAN shocked the Chelstone Local Court in Lusaka recently when he suddenly agreed to owing his brother’s mistress some money after initially insisting he did not.

This was a case in which Mwamba Chama, of Roma Township, sued Maxwell Njobvu for refusing to repay the K14, 000 he borrowed from his girlfriend to repair his car.

Ms Chama told senior local court magistrate Freda Mugala that Mr Njovu borrowed the money from her but has refused to repay it.

“This man was my landlord. I was having an affair with his young brother who told me he (Mr Njobvu) needed some money to repair his car,” Ms Chama said.

She said, “I sold my car and lent him K14, 000 to repair his car. He did not pay it back at the agreed time. I moved out of his house in December last year. He paid me some of it but there is a balance of K2, 500 which he refuses to pay.”

Ms Chama told the court that she had wanted to sue Mr Ndjovu at the magistrate court over the debt but he promised he would repay it in weekly instalments.

“He still hasn’t repaid the money so I decided to issue him a summons,” she said.

After hearing Ms Chama’s statement, Mr Njobvu who at first denied owing her, then told the court that he would actually repay the money.

The court did not waste time to hear his statement but ordered him to settle the amount at the end of August.

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