Nurse ordered to settle her debt

Written by on August 2, 2019

Mutinta Mulaye writes

THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a nurse to pay K3, 600 debt she owed a Copperbelt University student.

This is a case in which Bwalya Muyana, 24 took Ireen Mutale, 43, to court to recover her money.

Muyana told senior local court magistrate Mpundu Fwambo that Mutale was being difficult in paying her back the money she owed her.

“I met her through her nephew who told me she needed some money immediately. I told her the terms and she gave me a white book for her car as collateral,

“Since I was on the Copperbelt, I sent her the K3, 000 via airtel money. When the month end was approaching, I called her to remind her about the money,” she said.

She said however Mutale she started giving her excuses and different stories.

“One time she told me she started a business but she doesn’t know what happened. She stopped picking up my calls and I was desperate so I even started calling her husband who promised to pay me but he also stopped picking my calls,” Ms Muyana said.

“I started calling her again but it’s been story after story since last year November,” she said.

In defence, Mutale said she was shocked and told the court she did not know why Muyana sued her.

“We have been communicating, so I’m surprised she brought me here,” Mutale said.

“My husband was omitted from the payroll for November month end. My nephew called me at the right time to ask if I needed some money. He told me he had a friend who only needed K600 as interest and I needed K3, 000,” she said.

She said he spoke to Muyana over the phone who later sent her the K3, 000.

“The idea was to order caterpillars for sale and use part of the money for rentals and school fees but the business did not go well. I don’t know why she didn’t sue my nephew instead because I was dealing with her through him,” she said.

The court then ordered Mutale to pay the K3, 600 in two monthly installments because she confirmed that she was the one who received the money.

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