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Mukwima Chilala writes

Soccer adminstrators have questioned Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) president Andrew Kamanga’s recomendation to the dispciplinary committee of the Association to discipline committee Member Elijah Chileshe .

Former FAZ executive committe member Blackwell wondered why a sub committee of the Association could be asked to summon a an executive committee member.

Siwale said the displinary committee was a sub committee of the association therefore making it a lower organ to have the Authority to summon a serving member of the executive.

Siwale challenged FAZ president Andrew Kamanga and his General secretary Adrian Kashala to provide proof of the constitution they were quoting to summon Chileshe to disciplinary committee.

“The disciplinary committee is a sub committee of the main body, how can an exco member appear before a  lower organ, ”  he said .

Assuming Kashala and Kamanga are correct , let them provide a constitutional provision or provisions for Mr Shenko (Chileshe) to appear before a sub committee.

Siwale wondered why the issue of the lost server at the Football House had to be raised now when he first  mentioned of it on local in August last year.

He further wondered why the issue had become  important now that  it had been  raised by Elijah Chileshe.

Siwale  described the development as circus at football house to which had exhibited  Cluelessness  in running football.

And veteran adminstrator Simataa Simataa said that the FAZ constitution of 2006 clearly had a process through which the Executive Committee could be disciplined.

Simataa said that the FAZ constitution had oftenly been abused by those in power to suit their agenda.

“The constitution of 2006 clearly had a process through which Executive Committee could be disciplined though this was abused in 2017 too,”  Simataa said.

When FIFA introduced lawyers into the soccer judiciary, it looked like a positive idea.

” Ask me today whether I see the same. My answer is a loud no, Lawyers are being used to bend, misinterpret and carry out diabolical decisions with no sweat, there no independent judiciary organs in Faz,”

He said that a new constitution and not  an amendment was hurriedly adopted in 2017.

FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala was on Sunday quoted in the Sun sport saying  that Association president Andrew Kamanga had instructed his dispcplinary committee to sanction committee member Elijah chileshe for bringing the association in disrepute.

Last week Chileshe authored a letter to the police complaining  about a theft of a server which had gone missing at FAZ but never reported to police.

Chinese’s letter has gone viral and making rounds on social and main stream media to the displeasure of Kamanga and Kashala.

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