Busy Mansa couple ‘dump’ child

Written by on July 24, 2019


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In an interview with a neighbour of the couple, a member of New Generation Times (NGT) who chose to remain anonymous said he was concerned about the welfare of the child and expressed disappointment at the behavior of its parents.

The witness said the parents of the little girl used to fight a lot before they shifted to another home three weeks ago, leaving the child in the care of the neighbor who they promised to be paying K400 every month for looking after their child. 

“Before the parents of the child moved out, I noticed that they had marital disputes then, I just heard that they wanted to move to another place and finally they did so three weeks ago but they left behind a one year six months child who is being looked after by my neighbour.

“They told my neighbor that they wanted the child to remain with her because they wanted to have time for work as they did not have time to take care of the baby,” he said.

The woman who has been left with the baby is married and the husband is not keen on the idea of keeping other people’s child.

 The source said the same woman left with the child complained that the child cried a lot because of hunger and that the parents did not leave her any money for baby food.

Meanwhile, NGT director Moses Silungwe expressed disappointment over the matter because the child was too young to be left with a neighbor who was not even related to the family.

Mr. Silungwe said parenting was a huge responsibility and not child’s play saying the parents to the child were heartless and should be reported to the police.

“The parents should be arrested because this is heartless and I am wondering how they can look after other family members if they cannot even look after their own child,” he said.

Mr. Silungwe wondered why the parents would choose to keep their jobs and not a child.

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