‘Axeman’ shot, wounded

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WHEN a police sergeant in Chililabombwe rushed to a house where an axe-wielding resident had gone on a rampage chasing his brother with the sole aim of hacking him to death, he turned into the new target of the man’s murderous rage.

Afraid that the ‘axeman’ might chop him into mince with the axe, the law enforcement officer, only identified as Sergeant Musangu, was forced to disable the suspect after three warning shots failed to stop him.

Left with no choice, Sgt Musangu aimed and pulled the trigger, shooting Olden Munduli, 45, in the leg, immediately disarming and disabling him.

In the axe-versus-assault-rifle contest the latter came out the winner, leaving the suspect hospitalised.

Police are now investigating Munduli who faces several criminal offences.

The law enforcement officers want the courts of law to teach him to stop using axes to settle misunderstandings with other people.

It is not yet clear why Munduli wanted to axe his younger brother and later the police officer who merely wanted to stop the fight.

Police receive report

According to Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga, Olden Munduli of Fipimbili area of Chililabombwe threatened to kill his younger brother identified as Onwel Munduli, 27.

In an interview, Ms Katanga told the Sun that police in Fipimbili area of Chililabombwe received a report in which an older brother threated to kill the brother with an axe.

“Police in Chililabombwe received a report in which Onwel Munduli 27, of Zambia Compound reported that his brother, Olden Munduli, 44, of Fipimbili area of Chililabombwe, was threatening to kill him with an axe,” Ms Katanga said.

The fight

She said as the brothers struggled, a police officer, sergeant Musangu, tried to stop Mr Munduli from axing his younger brother.

But Munduli could not stop and charged at the officer instead.

Warning shots fired

Ms Katanga said despite firing three warning shots, Munduli continued charging towards the police officer.

“The person could not understand and he was charging towards him. He fired three shots but he continued charging towards him and that’s when he was shot in the leg. That is how he dropped the axe,” Ms Katanga said.

She said Munduli is admitted to Kakoso Hospital.

When asked what had led him to threaten to axe his younger brother, Ms Katanga said Munduli could not give any reason.

Police are now investigating the rampage.

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