Married man fined for elopement

Written by on July 22, 2019


A Lusaka local court has ordered a minibus driver to compensate a woman whose daughter he has on several occasions eloped with to go and have sex with.

The Boma Local Court ordered Patrick Mwamba, 25, of Garden Township, to pay K4, 000 to Nancy Nambeye, 33, also of the same township, whose daughter, Eva, he was reportedly having sex with.

Nambeye told senior local court magistrate, Contilda Kamono, that Mwamba was always pursuing her grade nine daughter despite being a married man.

“I went for overnight prayers on New Year’s Eve but I did not find my daughter home when I returned, and my other children told me she did not sleep home,” Ms. Nambeye said.

She accused Mwamba of breaking her daughter’s virginity and disturbing her concentration at school.

“My child has lost concentration at school because of this same man. That very first time, she told me it was him who made her sleep out. He took her to a lodge and had sex with her. I went to the police who advised me to bring him to court,” Ms. Nambeye said.

“My child told me he sometimes even collects her from school and goes to have sex with her. He has continued having a sexual relationship with her and she told me that he threatens he would kill her if she tells the police or me about it,” she said.

Mwamba, in his defense, told the court he met Eva at a night club on New Year’s Eve and drunk some beers with her and her friends.

“We drunk until around 02:00hrs when she left with her friends. They returned later but around 04:00hrs, I went home,” Mr. Mwamba said.

“There was confusion at home when I got there. I was told someone saw me at the club with Ms. Nambeye’s daughter. My wife also later told me people were talking that I took Eva to lodges and was having sex with her,” he said.

Eva, in her statement, confirmed to the court that Mwamba had sex with her on several occasions at lodges and at his friend’s house and that he in fact broke her virginity.

“He was my boyfriend and he used to pick me from school but would ask me to hide if his wife was nearby but we would later go to have sex,” Eva said.

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