Vicious dogs slay farm worker

Written by on July 20, 2019



A 49-year-old employee of Scimitar Farm, in Chongwe’s Kalamanzi area, was on Friday, July 12, mauled by four vicious unsecured dogs and left for dead, while on his way from work around 05:00hours.

Chrispin Zulu, a security guard, is reported to have had his tummy ripped open, and his intestines and liver torn apart by the dogs which he failed to outrun.

Zambia Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo, has confirmed the incident which she said was reported to Chalimbana Police by a Mr Harvestal Mwandila, the suspected owner of the dogs.

Ms Katongo said police visited the scene at 07:00 hours and identified the man as Mr Chrispin Chasauka an employee at Scimitar Farm along Great East Road.

“At the scene there were footprints of dogs and the body had deep cuts all over and clothes were torn to pieces such that the body was naked,” she said.

Ms Katongo said, “Police suspect Mr Mwandila’s four dogs to be behind the killing.”

Ms Katongo said when police checked around the wire fence to the farm, it was discovered there was a hole where it was suspected the dogs could have come out from when they attacked Mr Chasauka.

And according to the deceased’s sister, Precious Matambo, Mr Chasauka had cried for help when the dogs attached but no one went to his assistance as they were scared of the vicious dogs.

Ms Matambo said the owner of the dogs gave her family K500.00 to transport the body to the mortuary and later contributed K2, 000 for funeral expenses. Mr Chasauka was buried on Monday.     

She said the police promised they would contact the council to come and kill the dogs but the owner of the dogs has reportedly refused having all the dogs slain.

“All we want as a family is to have the dogs to be also killed,” she said.

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