Lukashya food-secure, says MP

Written by on July 15, 2019



LUKASHYA Member of Parliament, Mwenya Munkonge says his constituency has not been affected by the hunger situation like the other constituencies across the nation.

Mr Munkonge said the constituency was not yet at a stage where it required relief food.

He said the shortages of maize that the constituency was currently facing was lack of surplus to sell to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and not at household level.

“I am not sure about the status of the whole province but we are not anticipating any need for relief food on a large scale in my constituency,” he said.

He said the only households that may be struggling with food shortages were those headed by children and elderly people.

Mr Munkonge said that the constituency relied on the Disaster Management Mitigation Unit (DMMU) or the Social Welfare Department to address such challenges.

He also said people came together in such instances and helped the families that were in need.

“But we do not have real problems like it is in other constituencies where people do not have food completely. We are on the safe side for now,” he said.

He was however quick to mention that he was speaking about the situation in Lukashya Constituency and did not know about the other constituencies in the district.

He said an alarm would be raised should an emergency exist in the constituency.

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