Money lender drags maid to court over K1, 500 debt

Written by on July 15, 2019



THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has advised a money-lender who brought a maid to court to recover his money he lent her to sue the woman in the subordinate court.

This was in a case in which Chrispin Musenge, 34, of Kamwala South took Towie Mulenga of Arakan to court over an outstanding debt.

Musenge told senior local court magistrate Silvia Kabunda that Mulenga’s debt had taken too long to be settled.

He said he knew Mulenga through his friend who told him she needed some money to push for a job in government.

“She signed an agreement and we agreed that she would pay after a month. I gave her the K1, 000 and she was to pay me K1, 500 with interest,

“It has been over a month and she avoids my calls or gives her sister to answer. She hasn’t even given me any explanation. She knows where I am found but she can’t even make an effort to come and tell me why she is delaying to pay me,” Musenge said.

In defence Mulenga did not deny the allegations and told the court that she did not know how to approach Musenge to explain why she did not pay.

“I got robbed in Kasumbalesa where I do business from. That’s why I was unable to pay him. I was forced to start working as a maid to save the money to pay him back,

“I knew I won’t manage to face him that’s why I avoided him. I have been raising the money to pay him back,” she said.

However because Musenge has a money lending certificate, the court could not hear the matter because local courts had no powers to hear such matter.

Magistrate Kabunda advised Musenge to sue Mulenga in the subordinate court.

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