Court orders Lusaka cop to settle his K300 debt

Written by on July 13, 2019



THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has ordered a policeman to settle his K300 debt which was the balance owed to a man who built his house.

This was a case in which Kapalo Sefu, a builder of Kamwala South took Fanwell Chipepo, to court alleging that he owed him K2, 000 after a job he done for him.

Sefu told senior local court magistrate Roan Shamfwesa that after he and his friend built a house for Chipepo, he refused to pay them the balance.

“He gave me and my friend a contract. He wanted us to build a house up to wall plate and we all agreed that would pay us K3, 700,

“He promised to pay at the month end but failed to do so. Again the same thing happened and it became like a habit for him to tell us ‘month end’. We even told him to be paying bit by bit but he kept promising to pay the full amount at the month end,” Sefu said.

He told the court that Chipepo only gave them K1, 700 as the first installment and nothing else after that.

He said Chipepo employed other builders to finish the job without telling them.

“When my colleague told him he was going to sue him he said he was not scared and we can do whatever we wanted. We apologized to him and again he told us to see him at the month end,” Sefu said.

In defence Chipepo denied the allegations and told the court that what he owed Sefu was actually K300 and not the K2, 000 he was claiming.

“We agreed that I would be paying them in installments. I would pay them each time they came to build. The first installment was to be K2, 000 but I paid them K1, 700. When the house reached window level, I gave them K700. They told me to give them the rest so I gave them another K1, 000,” he said.

He said the balance he had was K300 and not K2, 000.

After analyzing the evidence, the court found that what was owed was K300 and Magistrate Shamfwesa ordered Chipepo to settle his debt.

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