Unsupportive, weed smoking husband divorced

Written by on July 3, 2019


A WOMAN has divorced her weed smoking husband in the Boma Local Court in Lusaka alleging that she only stayed well in her marriage for only first two weeks.

Dainess Phiri told Senior Local Court Magistrate Juliet Mwila that she got married to Canisius Mwitwa, 31, of Chipata compound in 2014 and they have been on separation for 1 year, 8 months now.

He would leave to go and smoke weed then come back home to eat in front of me and my child without sharing.

‘”He just used to promise to buy food but he never did so. He just used to leave K5 or K10 at home. When he leaves K20 he would expect me to buy everything including meat,

“He found me with a child when he married me but it’s like with time that became a problem for him. He once lifted the child and threw him in the air and the child fell down. He didn’t even pick him up. I picked him myself and took him to the clinic where I told them he had fallen from a tree because it was embarrassing,” Phiri said.

She said that each time they fought Mwitwa would stop talking to her child.

 “One time he came from the village and tried to kill me. If it wasn’t for my neighbour, I would have died. This happened after we fought over K100 I owed him,

“Many times he would wake up at night to threaten my life,” Phiri said.

In defence Mwitwa told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2017 when his wife started work.

“She started coming home late. She would come at 19.00 hours or even 20:00hrs. I used to do chores at home when she comes late but it became too much,” Mwitwa said.

He said one time when he came back from drinking around 20:00hrs, he did not find her home.

“When she finally came back and cooked, I refused to eat and wanted to sleep because I was too drunk. She got upset and forced me to eat so we fought,” he said.

He said his wife then went to sleep at the neighbour’s house and did not come home.

Magistrate Mwila granted the divorce.

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