ZAM calls for unity among artistes

Written by on July 2, 2019

Terence Miselo


“ We cant add value to our arts with the level of division amongst not only Members of the association but the Entire industry.  We need to unite and always stand strong to ensure policies and principles around our industry stand for our Values,” Zambia Association of Musicians deputy secretary general Davison Munsanda JR aka DJ Massaj has stated.

According to a statement released to the Lusaka Sun yesterday, Massaj has bemoaned the lack of unity among musicians saying it is the more reason the industry is failing.

“It’s hard to lead a divided team. However, we wont quit until there is change. Every artiste must know that they are the change they keep crying for.   Tongas say “Munwe omwe taupwai njina,’”he says.

“Allow me to also express my disappointment towards the low numbers of artistes that attended  the NAC Business Forum which is a great initiative that NAC put up for artistes to speak out and be heard.  The Minister of Tourism and Arts Mr Charles Banda and The Chairman at NAC both advised that artistes should come out and value their works . With those words of encouragement, I have observed that We have able leadership in most Associations but we lack unity.”

Massaj appealed to artistes to come together and promote unity.

“ An association like ZAM could be richer but we are reduced to limping.We have had a number of leaders come and go, they do their best however the enemy of progress is inside the industry “Kulibe Unity”   We Our doing our best at ZAM under our able leader Tivo Shikapwashya . However, I appeal to all artistes to think more on unity and positive energy.Let us support each other,” said Massaj.

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