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A LUSAKA woman has been divorced in the Chilenje Local Court for being disrespectful and threatening violence to her husband won herself a cool K20,000 as compensation.

Ireen Munkombwe, 30, a businesswoman of North Gate, was sued by Robert Zawe, 36, also of the same area.

Zawe said he married Munkombwe in 2010 and they have two children together.

He said disputes in their marriage started immediately after getting married because Munkombwe was disrespectful and violent.

“My partner is disrespectful; she beats me and has threatened to kill me on several times. She has reached the extent of insulting my relatives as well,” Zawe said.

He said Munkombwe locked him in the house every time they quarreled.

“Despite my pleas to leave the house, she uses tools to try to harm me. She beats me in front of our children,” Zawe said.

 “One year ago, she wrote a letter saying she was going to kill me. We sat down and she apologised for writing that letter. The other time she picked a pounding stick and tried to hit me, but I managed to run away,” he said.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local court magistrate Harriet Mbewe.

Mukombwe said when they got married they lived happily in Monze, but when they later shifted to Lusaka her husband changed and started accusing her of being violent.

“I was hospitalised for three months, but my husband never came to see me. I recovered and started walking again. I went back home after three months.

“My husband said he wanted the marriage to end because he was tired of spending his money on my medical bills. I went to a number of hospitals but they could not find any problem,” she said.

The court granted divorce and ordered Zawe to compensate his former wife with K20,000 with the first installment of K2,000 effective July.

Children will remain with Munkonbwe and Zawe to maintain them with K600 per month.

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