Ill-mannered neighbour fined K800

Written by on July 1, 2019


THE Boma Local Court has ordered a woman to compensate her neighbour with K800 for allegedly insulting her.

Mary Ng’oma, 38, told senior local court magistrate Peggy Nyambe that Lubuto Ngosa, 33, of Chazanga, her neighbour, sold charcoal and often swept the charcoal residue into her (Ng’oma’s) yard.

“I want the court to teach us how to live as neighbours because this woman insults me too much. She sells charcoal. Every time she sweeps the yard, she brings the dirt in my yard and when I say anything I get insulted,” Ng’oma said.

“Again, this year in April because of the same behaviour of insults I bought her summons but we didn’t reach court. We went to the pastor who reconciled us. This time it was too much,” Ng’oma said.

She said Ngosa had continued provoking her.

She had even recorded her and was forced to sue her so that the court could teach them how to live as neighbours,” Ng’oma said.

Ngosa told the court that she only insulted Ng’oma in retaliation.

“This one time, my children’s teacher came home to ask me to pay money for my children’s school fees and from nowhere this woman came and started insulting and shouting at me just because she is also a teacher at the school my children go to,” Ngosa said.

She said the teacher told her there was no way she could be eating at home but fail to pay her children’s school fees.

Ngosa said Ng’oma told the other teacher that she would buy her a summons because she was pompous and dull.

“One time she threw dirt in my yard and accused me of being responsible for messing up her yard because I sell charcoal. I insulted her because she provoked me. She told me ‘imbwa iwe pa*** pako’. So I told her ‘imbwa iuza imbwa inzake’.

Magistrate Nyambe ordered Ngosa to compensate Ng’oma with K800.

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