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EVEN after so many years of independence, Africa still lacks public laboratories where groups and or individuals can do experiments.

Certainly, some leaders and individual citizens will start asking or researching whether there is such a thing as public laboratories for this purpose, even in developed countries.

Even if such a setup is not there in developed nations, is it not a good idea for African countries to be the first to implement this idea?

It is time Africa started promoting and developing local ideas.

It seems Africa has less or no interest in local ideas or ideas at their inception until at a stage where a tangible product has been developed.

This tendency discourages creativity, innovation and discovery at the expense of Africa’s own development.

This is why Africa’s participation in developing new science and technology, knowledge and products, lags behind other continents.

 It is the same reason Africa has been waiting for some science and technology products to be invented, innovated, discovered and improved by other continents, especially the West.

Africa must not limit the ability to form new ideas for developing new products and making improvements or changes to some existing products and doing experiments.

. The world is where it is today in terms of various development levels, including science and technology, because of the law of necessity which is the foundation of invention, innovation and discovery in all fields.

Today there is formal education up to university, economics, houses, formal employment, internet, cell phones, vehicles and so on.

There are plenty of ideas out in many African countries but no funding for further research and development.

May I take this chance to suggest to African countries to establish public laboratories and both private and public learning institutions to have an open-door policy inline with the above concerns in order to promote research and development.

If you really want to prove that the potential at creativity, innovation and discovery in science and technology is there in Africa, try me just on the idea of using electricity to generate electricity.

I am working under the banner of God-given Creativity, Talents and Resources (GCTR) and from my experience I have been saying Africa must revive and reform participation in science and technology development.

PATRICK NKHOMA                                                                     

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