Uncooperative siblings lose administratorship

Written by on June 29, 2019


THE Boma Local Court in Lusaka has revoked administratorship of three siblings who were sued by their older sister due to lack of cooperation.

Joyce Kalimukwa,68 who sued Marjorie Kalimukwa, 45, Kalaluka Kalimukwa, 53, and Lungowe Kalimukwa, 49, told  Senior Local Court Magistrate Bertha Zulu that she agreed with her sisters that they all be revoked as they were not working in unity.

“We want to reduce the number of administrators to two. We want my brother to be removed and our sister to continue because there have been conflicts because of my brother who has been uncooperative,” Joyce said.

She said they agreed as siblings to sell everything left by their father which, included a house in Kaoma with 2 plots and a house in Kamwala.

“My brothers want the property in Kamwala to be sold first without considering that my sister is staying there and she needs to be given time to look for alternative accommodation

“ My brother also uses abusive language towards the other administrators and he put the property in Kaoma in his name without our consent. He is also planning to put a structure on the other plot,” Joyce said.

Marjorie told the court that the three administrators never agreed on anything because their brother was difficult to work with.

“He put the plot in his name and also wanted to put the largest piece of land in his name. He had been issuing threats to all of us and we can’t continue working like that,” she said.

In defence, Kalaluka told the court that his sister, Joyce, was innocent and had a mental problem and was therefore being influenced by the other two administrators.

“I’m the one who has been making an effort to go to Kaoma with my own resources to protect the two pieces of land where people were trying to encroach on. I have not put any structure there, only some holes dug there because any time the land would have been repossessed,” he said.

The court found that the administrators have failed to work together and all the three were revoked.

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