Written by on June 23, 2019

THE new- look Great North Road (GNR) is a marvel to drive on especially between Mandevu and Ngwerere turnoff.

However, the mini buses plying on this road have turned it into a nightmare as they stop and park anyhow to pick passengers.

One observation is that the road contractor made provisions for designated parking areas for buses but these are hardly used as buses shun them and prefer to park along the road, which poses a danger to other road users as well as passengers.

The Mandevu roundabout has also been turned into a bus stop which has now contributed to congestions at that point especially during peak periods and may lead to unnecessary accidents if not checked in good time.

As you make a turn to Lumumba road, you notice that buses have taken one lane as a parking area shunning a properly designated parking area for buses which is just a few metres away.

This also restricts the flow of traffic into Lumumba road and is a spot for traffic accidents especially for trucks which have to negotiate through the buses parked along the road.

As you drive down on Lumumba road to the traffic lights at Matero police, you notice that the area at the traffic lights is also a bus stop whereas there is a proper bus stop a few metres away which is hardly used!

Where are the law enforcers to bring sanity to our beautiful roads so we enjoy driving on these roads rehabilitated at huge costs?

Who is responsible for ensuring that these bus drivers are booked and fined?

Maybe the fast track court should set up a mobile compliance unit so the drivers are charged and fined on the spot.

The problem we have is that we take too long to act and by the time action is being taken the problem would have blossomed.

Let us learn to “nip it in the bud”.


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