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DOMESTIC violence is placing increased pressure on the community and government as it continues to be a wide-reaching issue that impacts on business and communities.

The vice commonly referred to as gender based violence (GBV) in modern terminology is not revolting but is also reaching frightening levels in Zambia.

Whether it is the economic burden on the community causing violence against women and their children, this should not be the normal way of life.

Research demonstrates that preventing this violence is a matter of national urgency and can only be achieved if all aspects of the community work together.

No one can deny that GBV is prevalent in Zambia and yet preventable and the entire nation therefore has a role in preventing domestic violence.

It is also factual that the weight on violence against women can deleteriously impact on a woman’s economic independence and social well-being.

Pigeonholing and being impertinent to women is characteristically linked to tolerating domestic violence.

There is also need to recognize that mutually reinforcing actions are required through policy and programme responses from governments, organisations and individuals.

S0 those men who are always in the bad habit of battering or murdering women especially wives should be told in no uncertain that violence does not pay but only secures a one-trip to a local prison or the gallows in worse circumstances.

Violence against women, in whatever forms, does not correspond to signs of ripe and quality male leadership. It only exhibits irrationality of the worst type.

So the clubbing to death of a Luanshya housewife by her husband

for whatever reasons is sham and deserves to be condemned by all peace-loving Zambians

Phillip Zulu 44 of Mikomfwa Township in Luanshya allegedly beat his wife to death using a wooden handle of an axe after the couple engaged in an argument.

Copperbelt Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga who has named the victim as Grace Zulu, 39,said the victim was a teacher at Mazheri Primary School.

Ms Katanga said the murder happened at the weekend between 20:00 hours and 20:30 hours.

She said Zulu fled the house shortly after bludgeoning his wife to death and that he was still on the run. Obviously he had realized that he was not a man he thought he was.

She said police are looking for Zulu to help with investigations.

Ms Katanga appealed to members of the public to help police with information that could lead to the arrest of Phillip Zulu.

Unfortunately there are many Phillip Zulus out there who think thy can only prove that they are real men by battering women, the weaker sex.

We feel that what is happening to some of our women in Zambia is not fair and should not be allowed to continue.

Perhaps at this time both government  and the Church should their hands together  and come  about with workable policies which  will aim to prevent domestic violence, especially that involving women.

Domestic violence is bad in whatever form or colour it may take because it is simply barbaric and belongs to the Hades.

Though many solutions have been proposed by experts before it seems this repulsive situation is growing all the time. May be it is an issue of the society sick.

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