MWITWA: ‘I want to serve the people’

Written by on June 20, 2019

NOEL IYOMBWA writes @SunZambian

HE WAS inspired to stand as a councillor after seeing the challenges facing the people of Chelstone. The Sun caught up with the Chakunkula Ward 32 councillor.

About yourself

My name is Smart Mwitwa the councillor for Chakunkula Ward in Munali Constituency under the ruling Patriotic Front (PF). I was elected in the 2016 general elections.

I have worked in the field of clearing and forwarding and am now the CEO [chief executive officer] of S & M Fleet Limited.

What inspired you to go into politics?

As a person who grew up in Chelstone I saw the challenges the people were facing in terms of social amenities.

I have lived in Chelstone from 1980. So I have lived all my life there and I have made a lot of friends.

Your achievements?

There have been many achievements that I have scored ever since I was ushered into in the office.

The following are the milestones I have recorded since I became councillor for Chakunkula Ward 32.

1.I facilitated the hosting of an inter-denominational thanks-giving prayer meeting at the Chelstone Presbyterian Church in December in 2017.

The prayer meeting brought together church leaders and congregants of all the denominations in Chakunkula Ward, which promoted the spirit of co-existence in line with our national motto ‘One Zambia-One Nation’.

It also renewed the commitment of the church leaders and congregants to the Christian values of love, unity, reconciliation and tolerance in line with Zambia as a Christian nation.

2.As a civic leader I lobbied and facilitated, with support from well-wishers, the building of a flushable toilets, which have been completed and already in use.

They have replaced the old and less hygienic bucket toilet system that was there since the police post was opened. I also facilitated the painting of the police post to give it a facelift and make it more conducive for both the officers and the community.

3. I lobbied and facilitated with support from well-wishers the following projects:

New borehole sunk with support of Star Milling Company, one by four doors and flushable toilet built with support of the Irish Embassy and local business houses.

b. I lobbied and facilitated the installation of street lights in all the major roads in the ward – Ngwerere, Palm Drive, Baobab, Big Market and Napin. The installation has since been completed and streets are all lit now.

c. In addition, I have been working with the Ward Development Committee. I lobbied and facilitated the rehabilitation of the old ablution block at Kapwelyomba Primary School.

d. With support from the Lusaka City Council, I lobbied for the collection and disposal of the long-standing and stubborn garbage dump sites at public places. These areas include Chelstone Market, Kamanga Market, Chelstone Big Market and all other dumping sites in the ward, especially bus stations.

e. I lobbied and facilitated the construction of the new expanded water tank for Chelstone. Works have been completed awaiting handover and commissioning.

f. I facilitated the employment of 20 youths at Elevo Construction Company, Denys Construction Company, Chongwe Municipal Council and the Ministry of General Education.

There are many more achievements I have scored in my ward since I was elected as the area councilor.


The biggest challenge, like in most other wards, is poor roads. Most of the roads are in a bad state. We have tried to talk to the Lusaka City Council about the matter, but you know the council has many other challenges.

If there is any company that is willing to come forward to help grade roads I can really appreciate.

Future development plans for your ward?

Most of my future projects are already on course. There are some projects that have already been approved and just awaiting implementation.

These projects include the construction of a classroom block at Kapwelyomba Primary School.

Phase one of the project has started. I lobbied and requested the Road Development Agency to include Chakunkula Ward in the on-going construction of township roads.

I have also lobbied for the expansion of the district road leading to Kalimba Farm into six lanes and asked RDA to expand some roads in Chakunkula Ward under the Lusaka City Decongestion Project.

RDA has granted the request and chosen the district road to be expanded to six lanes.

Political aspirations?

I have no future political aspiration at the moment because I am very satisfied with my position as a civic leader. I want to ensure that I deliver to the people of my ward.

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