UNZA lecturer sues messenger over K2, 500 debt

Written by on June 19, 2019



A UNIVERSITY of Zambia (UNZA) lecturer has sued a messenger of the same institution over unpaid debt of K2, 500 alleging that it was taking too long to be settled.

Namabanda Imbula, 39, of Mtendere was appearing before presiding magistrate Mary Namangala sitting with Presiding Kennedy Mwansa Mutale in a matter in which he sued his colleague Vallerie Ngulube, 38, of Libala South over nonpayment of his money.

Imbula said that Ngulube approached him at the office for a soft loan of K2,000 but he only gave her a K1, 000 and told her to pay him K1, 500 instead and she agreed.

“She followed me to my office requesting for a K2,000 of which she promised to pay back because she wanted to sort out some problems she had,

“We made arrangements that the money should come at once when she gets paid and we agreed she gets a K1,000 and returns a K1, 500 at  June monthend,2018,’’ he said.

He said Ngulube went on leave and never picked his calls, whenever he called her to remind her of his money.

“That’s when I decided to increase he figure to K 2,500 because it even overstayed,’’ she said.

In defence Ngulube said she did not falter deliberately but that she had pressures otherwise she would have paid back the money a long time.

“He is my colleague at the University of Zambia, Yes I had approached him to borrow some money and he gave me a K1,000 and told me to add a k500 on top when returning of which I agreed.

“And the K2, 500 he is talking about I don’t know it because I only know a K1, 500 we agreed upon. I cannot manage to give him the whole K1500 at once because I don’t have money right now and the money I get as salary is not enough,” she said

On hearing this, Imbula said he was fine with her paying a K 1,500 but at once because the money had over stayed.

The court however ordered Ngulube to pay the money in two installments.

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