Landlady ordered to return ex-tenant goods

Written by on June 19, 2019


THE Chilenje Local Court has ordered a Lusaka woman to return household goods belonging to her former tenant.

Mwila Mwambula, 32, of Bauleni Township was sued by Jackson Ntebule, 42, of the same area.

Ntebule told local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with senior local court magistrate Harriet Mbewe that he rented Mwambula’s house for one year two months and he was paying K200 each month in rentals.

Ntebule said because he had arrears for two months, Mwambula locked up his house and removed his things without informing him.

“I am owing her K400 rental arrears for two months. She asked for the money and I said I didn’t have it. I begged her to give me some time to find the money but she decided to lock the house,”

“I didn’t sleep in the house. She got my blankets, bicycle, plates, mealie meal, mattress and other things. I didn’t get anything. The following day, I looked for the money to pay her, but she refused to accept it saying someone else had paid to rent the house,’ he said. “I want her to return my household goods and nothing should be missing,” he said.

In defence Mwambula said Ntebule was her tenant and was owing her K1, 200 in rental arrears.

Mwambula said she had informed Ntebule to remove his household goods from the house.

“The house rental is K300 and he has not paid for four months. My mother is the landlord and she told me to evict him from the house and remove his things. Before I removed his things, he came and collected his bicycle and suitcase,

“I removed his things from the house and kept them outside because I thought he would come and collect later. He didn’t not show up, I got the things and kept them in my house,” she said.

Mwambula said later Ntebule came and got his blankets from her mother.

“I only have the plates, dishes and buckets. I am not refusing to give him the goods. I was waiting for him to come and collect his things without paying the arrears,” she said.

The court cautioned the woman for taking the law in her own hands and ordered her to return the goods to Ntebule.

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