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THROUGH photography Ryan Sinyangwe, aka ‘Juice Man Twist’, has managed to raise enough money to pursue his Automotive Mechanics course.

Juice Man Twist, 24, a photographer and Automotive Mechanics graduate at Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering Studies, says passion and being focused is key to achieving goals.

His marvelous work has occupied space in magazines, internet sites and other publications, including newspapers.

The Sun caught up with Juice Man Twist and below is the verbatim interview with him:

THE SUN: Tell us, who is this Juice Man Twist?

JUICE MAN TWIST: Actually, my real names are Ryan Niza Sinyangwe but known as Juice Man Twist by my clients. I am 24 years of age and second born in a family of three.

THE SUN: Your education background?

JUICE MAN TWIST: Well, I completed my secondary education in 2014 at David Kaunda Technical Secondary School.

Also, I did Automotive Mechanics course at LIBES.

My love for photography started way back when I was a small boy. Photography allows people to accurately familiarise themselves with far-off landscapes and cultures. That is what I like about it.

THE SUN: When did you become a professional photographer, and who inspired you?

JUICE MAN TWIST: I have always admired photography because of the memories that are kept in a photo. I was inspired by one of Zambia’s big photographers, Davis Tony of Tony Media, and international photographer ‘Photomeike’. I have been a professional photographer for quite some time now.

I have managed to achieve some of my dreams in life because of photography. I believe all it takes is to be passionate and focused in whatever you do.  

THE SUN: Your final remarks and advice to fellow youths?

JUICE MAN TWIST: In whatever they do, let them be passionate and focused if they are to achieve their goals.

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