Tough wife, ‘sex-entric’ hubby divorce

Written by on June 13, 2019


AFTER braving a marriage in which there was no sex for six years a couple of Lusaka decided to go separate ways in search of more intimate unions.

The Boma Local Court dissolved the sexless marriage.

This was a case in which 25-year-old Patricia Phiri took Raise Kombe, 30, of Kabanana Township to court.

Phiri said she only lived well in the first week of her marriage.

She told the court that there was no communication in the house and that her husband had failed to fulfil his responsibilities as he was required.

“He wasn’t buying food and wasn’t paying rent. Another big issue is that there has been no sex in our marriage since September last year.

“When we fought over the issue of rentals or him bringing food in the house, we would stop talking,” Phiri said.

She said she and her husband were chased from the house by the landlord because he could not pay rentals.

Phiri said she was forced to shift to her mother’s house while he Kombe started living with a friend.

“I stayed with my mother for seven months and I didn’t even know where he went at first until I found out he was staying with a friend. We once fought over this same issue of rentals. We were outside and in the fight my chitenge even fell off,” Phiri said.

In defence, Kombe told the court that Phiri never had respect for him because of the nature of his job.

“Sometimes there are no contracts, so it seems she has a problem with that. I do provide because there is always something to eat at home, but when I don’t have I do tell her. She is very violent and doesn’t have remorse and always rushes into fighting,” Kombe said.

He told the court that he and his wife once lived for three months without sex because she would deny him his conjugal rights.

“She would compare us with her friends and when I touch her she would say ‘ninshi muno ncito nikungo gonana gonana cabe kulibe kuyenda pa sogolo

[does it mean sex should be our only preoccupation without making any

?’” Kombe said.

He said his wife knocked off around 15:00 hours or 16:00 hours but started coming home as late as 21:00 hours or 22:00 hours.

Phiri would always take their son to her mother’s place so that she could have some freedom.

“Even my son used to complain. She wanted to be maneuvering a lot. So it’s like my son was distracting her. August was the last time I had conjugal rights because she moved from the bedroom. I complained to my mother-in-law and all my wife said was she would move back to the bedroom when she so wished,” Kombe said.

He told the court that his wife would sleep out two or three times in a month without giving him clear information on where she had spent the night.

“She once came around 01:00 hours very drunk, even singing ‘unga yende ku munzi so’. She slept stinking of beer,” Kombe said.

The court found that there was unreasonable behaviour in the marriage and no conjugal rights.

It granted the couple divorce and ordered Kombe to compensate Phiri with K6,000.

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