Written by on June 11, 2019

By Gilbert Mbewe

Thomas Edison once said “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and look like work.” This is true in our society today.

Today’s society has created a false dream and impression by suggesting that through inventing a character or strategy and putting it on display on social media we can be rich and famous in a moment. Most of us today, don’t want to work but still want to be successful. Regrettably we have lost the value of working hard.

We think earning a living through working hard day by day is old fashioned and we dream of winning a lottery and receiving some miracle money. This is why some people move from church to church, from one prophet to another searching for that miracle which will bring prosperity in their lives.

As a pastor I see some people come to church, not to worship God but searching for that minute of glory, that moment of splendour which will make them get all what they want in a minute. They want that breakthrough to come, they everything to just happen fast, but what is certain is that success is cultivated with the passing of time.

Friends we must not teach our children that they can get everything easily, because everything has a price to be paid. We must help our children to learn that everything is achieved with hard work. This I think is one the greatest lesson that we can teach our children when they are still little and in our care. What I have come to learn is that hard work is like the cultivation of a seed, with the passing of time we have to water and care for it, so that in the right moment it will give us its fruit.

It is unfortunate today that many people believe in these lies of easy quick riches. Despite some principle of success being well known, many have fallen into the trap of assuming that the attainment of success is by chance or a matter of divine intervention, so many are busy praying for a miracle to happen for them to be successful, yet others are busy consulting witchdoctors for a magic wallet.  Well, it is against God’s prescribed principle and laws to think you can attain success simply through a miracle activated by prayer and fasting without working for that success. Don’t get me wrong here. I strongly believe in prayer and I know what prayer can do. But I believe that prayer is not a substitute of working hard.

Regardless of how much you pray and how much you fast, if you don’t work hard, you cannot attain the success you desire. Forget about praying for money to be falling from heaven into your pocket or bank account, forget about the so called miracle money. You need to sweat to get money.

Psalm 128:2 bluntly say “You shall eat the fruit of your labour; blessings and prosperity will be yours” Prosperity does not just come, it come through working hard. The wisest man Solomon once said that “This is what I have observed to be good; that it is appropriate for a person to eat, to drink and to find satisfaction in the toilsome labour under the sun during the few days of life God has given them, for this is their lot” (Ecclesiastes 5:18).

My friend, it is good to work for what we eat and drink. God requires that you work hard and get your food with the sweat of your brow; if you don’t work shouldn’t eat, simple because where is the food going to come from.

In proverbs 14:23 we find another good piece of advice, “All hard work brings profit, but mare talks leads only to poverty.”

Our children need to know that hard work is the only tool which leads to success. It not commenting AMEN on some facebook posting or sharing some writes up on whatsaap. Success is through working hard. Let me speculate here, the exam malpractices that we are witness today are all because of lack of working hard.

People want to pass their exams, but don’t want to work for success, they want any easy way.

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