Written by on June 9, 2019

ALLOW me space to make a comment on the above.

Of all the years I have been alive, I have observed one unique negative thing about Zambians, they are quicker to pull down a progressive fellow Zambian than they are to motivate a progressive one. 

If they are unable to trace a progressive profile of a fellow neighbour they are quick to call them Satanists. 

For once let me say that not everybody who is creative and successful is a Satanist. 

They just put in all they could to succeed while we are busy looking for opportunity to pull someone down.

Just yesterday, they called late President Levy Mwanawasa a cabbage to day they crown him as a hero of economic progress.

Late President Michael Sata was called all negative names you can think of, today he is called a hero that pioneered infrastructural development.

If you think Zambia will one day raise a President to solve all the problems affecting all Zambians, you will carry that dream forever.

The only person who has answers to all your problems is you.


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