‘She insulted my private parts’

Written by on June 3, 2019


THE Chilenje Local Court has ordered a Lusaka woman who insulted her fellow woman’s private parts to buy a two-metre chitenge material as compensation.

Rachael Phiri, 29, of Bauleni, was sued by Rachael Kalwozi, 40, of the same area for insulting her without reason.

Kalwozi said Phiri was her sister-in-law because she was married to her brother and they shared the same house.

She told senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri that Rachel was disrespectful and insulted her on several occasions.

“It was last week, on unknown date in the morning, when we had a dispute at home. Rachel came to me and said she was going to insult me because I was boastful.

“She said nizakutukwanana  vazoona  lelo, cifukwa mwacilamo kuzinmvela maningi [I was will insult you a lot today because it is too much],” Phiri testified.

“I looked at her and did not say anything. She continued saying you are very boastful because of this same house you have. My mother has a better house than this,’’ she said.

But Phiri said Rachel insulted her by referring to her private parts in the presence of her elderly mother.

“I was embarrassed and hurt by what she said. I wasn’t happy and that’s the reason I have sued her so that she can tell me what problem she has with me for her to insult me like she did,’’ she said.

In defence Rachel said they had been having disputes for the past one year they had stayed together.

She said Kalwozi insulted her to the point where she cried.

“We sat down as a family, but nothing changed. The disputes continued. She got upset because I answered her back because I am younger than her. I don’t know why my sister-in-law doesn’t like me,’’ she said.

The court, however, reconciled the two and ordered Rachel to buy a two-metre chitenge material to compensate Kalwozi for the insults.

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