Beijing takes jab at Trump, says trade war ‘has not made America great again’

Written by on June 3, 2019

BEIJING – China hit US President Donald Trump with his own catchphrase, saying that his sweeping tariffs hurt American businesses and ordinary people, which is the complete opposite of what MAGA was supposed to be about.

Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods “not only failed to boost the economic growth in the US but caused serious harm” to its people, the Chinese government said in a white paper on trade, published on Sunday.

The officials argued that the measures imposed by Washington make production costs go up, as “many” US manufacturers rely on Chinese raw materials. They also increased domestic prices because the tariffs make it harder to import “affordable” consumer goods from Beijing.

In other words, “the trade war has not made America ‘great again,’” the government said.

SOURCE: RT News                                                                                  

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