DHAMITEE SCHOOL EXCELLS ..holds 9th Career Day programme

Written by on June 3, 2019

IT was an exciting, fun-filled and long-awaited moment for pupils, parents and teachers when Dhamitee Christian Primary School held its 9th Career Day, with pupils dressed in outfits depicting the various occupations they would like to pursue in the future.

The school, located in Lusaka’s Matero East area held its 9th Career Day on Thursday May 30, to enlighten its pupils on the career options available to them and guide them towards making appropriate career choices.

Dhamitee Christian Primary School pupils dressed in different professional attires

There was such a variety of careers on show with leaners ranging from baby class, middle class, reception, pre-Grade and Grade 1 to 7 dressed as civil engineers, doctors, nurses, firefighters, pilots, air stewards, military personal, police officers, and teachers among other professions.

Teachers, both male and females who were dressed in school uniforms of their choice were a marvel to watch much to the excitement of learners.

Dhamitee Christian Primary School Teachers dressed as pupils.

Pupils were thrilled to get a glimpse of their potential futures as they were enlightened with career advice in the fields of their choice by the professionals in different fields. They were provided with a dynamic and tangible experience that facilitates a connection between their academic pursuits and professional endeavors in the future.

Dhamitee Christian Primary School Head Teacher take a picture with pupils and Teachers

Parents from the community also pitched in to share their careers and experiences with the students.

Among those who spoke to the pupils was a Police officer who told them that police do more than just arrest the law breakers.

The police officer encouraged them to “dream, believe, and excel.”

Dhamitee Christian Primary School Pupil dressed as a Nurse

Journalists were also at hand to give insight of what it takes to be a journalist, and advised the pupils to be disciplined, listening to teachers’ instructions if they were to become what they wanted.

And speaking in an interview after the occasion, school head teacher Eletina Daka said the school’s primary goal was to prepare pupils for college or a career regardless of their age.

Dhamitee Christian Primary School Head Teacher Eletina Daka

Mrs Daka, 39, explained that the day was aimed at showcasing the many different career opportunities the world has to offer to the pupils and bring out potentials that children have.

She said the school allowed pupils to change careers every year because what they choose today may not be what they will be in the future, but emphasized the need to start thinking of career choices now and not to wait until they were older.

Meanwhile, Mrs Daka called for the parental involvement in the learning of children.

She said it was sad that some parents were busy to monitor the academic progress of their children.

“Some parents are very busy, they can’t check the academic progress of their children, all they know is to pay school fees, after that, they leave everything to be handled by the school which shouldn’t be the case.

“My heartfelt advice to parents is to be involved in the education of their children. To be involved oesnt mean you have to be a teacher, you just have to give moral support by reminding and helping them with their homework, making sure that children sleep early so that they wake up early for school to ensure they are punctual,” Mrs Daka said.

This day, she said, also provides a platform to develop meaningful and personal connections between our pupils, parents and teachers. 

She said the success of pupils depended on the participation of both parents and teachers.

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