He calls me toilet …wife divorces insulting husband

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A WOMAN of John Laing Township in Lusaka has divorced her husband of 10 years for neglecting her, calling her a toilet and impregnating another woman.

Lista Mukuka told the Boma Local Court that after she got married to Alex Takopi, 33, a bricklayer, they had a happy marriage until he went to work in Serenje.

 Mukuka told senior local court magistrate Petronella Kalyelye after Takopi found work in Serenje his behaviour changed.

“He used to send me K1,800 every month for upkeep and for us to use in the home. He later reduced it to K1,000 and then it reduced to K600,” she testified.

Mukuka said Takopi started telling her that she was not of his quality and that he had found someone else who he had impregnated and intended to marry.

She said when she told her husband’s sister about it, her husband got so upset that he shouted at her and insulted her.

Mukuka said she noticed one time that her husband had shaved and when she asked him why, he said it was because he had found another woman who he wanted to impress.

“When I cook nshima he refuses to eat. He says my nshima is like human waste. He tells me he has somewhere else to go and eat from. He used to disrespect me so much that I decided to call a meeting with his relatives, but none of them showed up because they knew that he was the one with a problem in this marriage,” Mukuka said.

Many times Takopi would tell her there was nothing that she could say to him and that he was always right because it was his house.

Mukuka said her husband finally stopped giving her any money at all and told her all his money would go to the child he had with another woman.

“I heard he damaged another girl’s virginity in Serenje recently and any time he wrongs me and I try to talk to him, he never apologises. He tells me he would rather apologise to a toilet. He told me he didn’t give birth to me and I should go back to the one that birthed me,” Mukuka said.

Takopi then told the court that when he went to Serenje for work, he married another woman there and that is what caused problems in their marriage when he told his wife.

He said he moved and started working in Luapula Province where he was not making a lot of money which was why he started sending his wife less money but always provided for the home.

“There was always food at home, but she decided to stop cooking and doing house chores. Even though I wash my own clothes and she doesn’t do chores, I wouldn’t want our marriage to end,” Takopi said.

The court found that Takopi highly contributed to the downfall of the marriage. And because Mukuka did not want to be in a polygamous marriage, the court granted divorce.

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