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A housewife has told a local court that her husband chased her out of the matrimonial home because she complained about his aggressiveness whenever they had sex.

The woman told a stunned court that her husband forced himself on her even when she was menstruating and that he enjoyed aggressive sex.

Maggie Mulenga 28, of Mushili Township, therefore, sued her husband James Phiri, 37, a taxi driver for divorce.

She told the court that the two got married in 2015 and have one child together.

Ms Mulenga said she lived well with her husband but that whenever she tried advising her husband about his aggressive sexual conduct, he would be upset.

She said she lived with that but realised that it was getting worse.

Ms Mulenga said in January this year, her husband came back home late and found her sleeping but just started turning her around aggressively so that he could have sex with her.

She said when she complained about the way he was handling her, he got upset and told her that he was never going torch her again.

Ms Mulenga said that even when she was on her menstrual cycle, her husband still forced himself on her in an aggressive manner.

She said at first she never used to complain but it became so much that even when she told him she was tired, he would continue at a higher rate and aggressively so.

Ms Mulenga said her husband did not give her a chance to rest in bed, but always wanted sex.

She also said her husband did not like taking care of his own mother in the village and each time she asked him to send some money for her he used to get upset.

“His family members will think as though I am the one withholding the money and that I do not allow him to help them out,” she said.

She said her husband only sent his mother a K200 after she continued to pester him to help her.

She was giving evidence before Kabushi Local Court presiding magistrate Mildred Namwizye and Evelyn Nalwizya.

Ms Mulenga said the husband had a habit of coming home late and wherever she complained he used to get upset.

She said when she went to her grandmother’s place, they called for a meeting and her husband said he did not want to stay with the wife.

In his statement, Mr Phiri said they lived well when they got married and that problems started when his wife used to refuse to have sex with him.

He said his wife liked to complain a lot and each time he wanted to have sex delete she would pretend that she was tired.

“She says she is sick all the time and she is always on her periods even for an entire month,” he said.

Mr Phiri said he was fed up of her behaviour and that he did not want to live with a woman who complains all the time.

Mr Phiri said he loved his wife but her problem was that her relatives did not even like him.

In passing judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Mr Phiri to compensate Ms Mulenga with K8,000 with the first payment of K1,000 and thereafter K300 monthly.

The court further ordered him to maintain his child with K300 monthly and to share properties equally.


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