Prophet Bushiri turns into a `gold’ mine

Written by on May 25, 2019

The people of South Africa have turned Prophet Shepherd Bushiri into a mine of ‘miracle’ money, a report by a civil society movement has claimed.

According #NotInMyName, the controversial prophet who is currently fighting money laundering and fraud charges has become a target of widespread blackmail.

The report comes barely a couple of months after the Cleric opened a case against some corrupt crime intelligence cops who were demanding R10million from the self-proclaimed billionaire to stop an investigation into his alleged ‘shoddy’ businesses.

Last February, Not In My Name made scathing allegations against Bushiri saying the prophet and other senior clerks had turned Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) into a big bedroom for orgies.

In response, the ECG leader challenged the group to investigate him and the church so that the truth comes out.

In the report, the group failed to authenticate the sex claims they had earlier made against the man of God.

Interestingly, the group found that Prophet Bushiri is a victim of widespread blackmail in the rainbow nation.

“Ironically, what was unearthed in our intense investigation were widespread attempts to blackmail Bushiri by several people within his church, community leaders, law enforcement officers and leading political parties.”

Prophet Bushiri was arrested in February together with his wife, Mary Bushiri for money laundering and fraud. The couple is currently out on bail awaiting trial.

…as Bushiri’s travel documents seized 

Travelling documents for controversial prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife have been seized by the South African government.

According to published reports, the seizure is in connection to the money laundering and fraud charges against the flamboyant pastor who migrated to South Africa from Malawi for greener pasture.

Bushiri, a self-proclaimed billionaire, was arrested together with his wife, Prophetess Mary Bushiri after years of investigation by the Hawks, South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation.

The couple faces charges of fraud, money laundering and the contravention of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act (Poca), which they are alleged to have committed from 2015.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri

Partners in crime? Not going anywhere

According to News24, the contravention of the Act was in relation to Exchange Control Regulations of foreign currency of $1,147,200 (around K0.8 billion).

They managed to secure bail after paying about K5.1 million (R100000) each upon hiring the services of Barry Roux who served as the defence advocate in the trial of Oscar Pistorius.

“Their bail conditions included a stipulation that they remain in Gauteng. Magistrate Mark van Wyk ordered their travel documents remain in the State’s possession” reports the publication.

Bushiri and his wife are therefore required to seek written permission from investigating officers before they can travel.

The televangelist’s private jet was also seized early February amid allegations that the self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ fabricated loan agreement papers to acquire it. But Major One, as he is affectionately called, has been blaming the devil for his recent misfortunes.

The Malawian born seer had also prophesied then that the devil’s quest against the Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) leader who entered 2019 on bumpy ride would end last month and that May would mark the genesis of a new dawn.

“They will fight us for now, it will be for this month, next month and the following one, but on the other next one we shall come on top…The devil will use media to attack us, he will use natural disasters to attack us, we will be in media for these coming weeks being attacked. But we shall overcome.” Bushiri has said in February.

Despite the prophecy, Bushiri’s trial, postponed to August 28 this year, continues.- Malawi 24

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