Videos of Cape pupils having sex ‘at school’ go viral

Written by on May 23, 2019

Cape Town – Videos in which Cape Town pupils are having sex at two different schools “have spread like wildfire” on social media.

However, education authorities say they cannot investigate as the one incident apparently took place outside the school, and the other has not been brought to the principal’s attention yet.

In the first video, a teenage boy and girl were caught by a man who filmed them on a balcony and then scolded them for having sex out in the open.

The teens are dressed in the uniform of a Mitchells Plain high school and no nudity is evident.

The pupils got a huge fright when the man addressed them, asking them what they were doing, and the girl tries to hide her face.

“Is this the sh*t that you catch on while you ought to be in school? Do you think what you’re doing is f**king right?” the angry man asks them.

In the background two children and a man can also be seen coming towards the balcony.

The two then get up, and the boy fastens his zip and belt while the girl adjusts her skirt.

In the second video, allegedly shot inside the library at a Southern Suburbs high school, a young girl is seen giving oral sex to a boy.

Both are dressed in school uniform.                                       

The boy smiles into the camera, and the girl seems to be unaware that they are being filmed.

The videos have drawn the attention of horrified parents across the Cape Flats.

A 46-year-old mother whose children attend the Mitchells Plain school says “the video has spread like wildfire” among children.

“I heard the children talking about it. They said it happened on the school premises,” she says.

“These children have no clue what they’re doing to their future when their focus is not on their school work. I was disgusted by the video, but also at the person who made it. Those are children. They need to be taught it’s not okay.”

Western Cape Education Department spokesperson, Bronagh Hammond, says pupils transgressing their school’s codes of conduct face expulsion.

“The principal of (the Mitchells Plain school) has indicated that the incident in question did not take place at the school, nor is he aware of any incident involving any learners from the school,” she says. “We have received no reports regarding the second school.”

She adds: “Learners face disciplinary action if they have transgressed the code of conduct.


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