Respect yourselves, women urged – don’t post nude pictures of yourselves

Written by on May 22, 2019


A LUSAKA clergyman has expressed sadness over the abuse of social media by some youths in Zambia.

God’s Covenant Church general overseer Paul Moses told the Sun that it was sad to witness what was happening to the generation of women and men of today all over the world and Zambia, in particular.

Apostle Moses said some years back, Zambia was considered to be one of the most peaceful and respectable countries in Africa, but what was happening was a source of concern.

“When we look at our young girls, ladies and women of today, we will find that most of them have lost themselves because of technology, high levels of poverty, copying things from the western world and living a very fake life,” he said.

Zambian women were obsessed with dressing indecently, in skimpy clothes, taking nude pictures for popularity and attention, taking very disturbing videos of themselves and publishing them for the world to see on social media.

“That is not Christianity! Those are not our roots. We are a great nation; a nation that embraces the word of God because we believe that it sustains us,” Apostle Moses said.

He appealed to women to respect the image of God, not their fleshly image.

“I mean a spiritual one which includes a spirit that never ceases to exist, which respects free moral agency.

When this country was declared a Christian nation, Jesus Christ became the centre of all. His word became our guide up to today.  It is good for every woman or lady to have a character that brings honor to themselves. A woman should avoid doing anything that may bring shame on her in future,” Apostle Moses said.

He said there was always a time in the life of a person when they desired to be respected, honoured and considered, but that if the foundation was questionable.

“It brings pain in life because no one can demand respect or honour because respect is earned by what one does and by their character,” Apostle Moses said.

He advised young men and women in Zambia not to be taken by what they saw or heard.

“We must not forget that we make the future by what we do today. If you destroy your life today, no one will be there to help you tomorrow. The world you are trying to please and impress today will be the one to laugh at you tomorrow,” Apostle Moses.

If one had access to education, got educated and focused on their future and try to improve their life.

Apostle Moses advised youths not copy what they saw on television or anywhere but live faithful lives.

Lately, Zambia has seen a number of women taking to social media posting nude pictures and videos of themselves with the latest one being of a Kabwe woman popularly known as Anita Zunguze, who has continued posting nude pictures on the social platform.

Some fellow women have defended her action anti-social behaviour.


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