Call-boy found dead in bus

Written by on May 22, 2019


A CALL-BOY believed to be in his late 20s or early 30s in Solwezi district, North-Western Province, was found dead in a Likili Motors bus at the Solwezi bus terminus station.

Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila said the young man is believed to have died in his sleep between Saturday and Sunday, but a report at the police station indicated that he had committed suicide.

George Gondwe, 37, of Mushitala reported the matter to the police around 08:00 hours.

Mr Namachila identified the call-boy as only Chanda of an unknown address.

“The deceased went to rest in the Likili bus, which was parked at the station in readiness for departure to Zambezi first thing in the morning, but was found dead yesterday at 07:00 hours,” he said.

Mr Namachila said Chanda was found in a sitting position in one of the seats.

He said police did not find any physical injuries but there was stool in Chanda’s trousers.

“The body was then taken to Solwezi General Hospital where the doctor in certified him dead. The body is awaiting post-mortem if relative are found,” he said.

According to  call-boys at the station, the victim has been  identified   as Ba Sir, the name by which he was known.

Chanda is reported to have been a computer teacher in Kasempa before his divorce with wife after which he started spending time at the station.

One call-boy who did not want to be identified said Chanda used to drink a lot of spirits everyday which they suspected was the reason his wife left him.

He said Chanda’s former wife had already married another man.

“I was with him yesterday. Alipita napa ati biggie man laka naka balls muminwe [he even paased here calling me biggie with bottle of spirits in his hand],” he said.

The call boy said Chanda had told him that he was tired and wanted to take a nap and wake up later. Kanshi Ba Sir nabafwa kutulo [we just discovered that he had died in his sleep,” he said.

The deceased had two children with his divorced wife and no known relatives in the district but in Kitwe, it has been learnt that they have come through to identify the body and will relocate to hold a funeral in Kitwe.


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