Co-habiting couple ‘chased’ from court

Written by on May 18, 2019


CHELSTONE senior local court magistrate Charity Milambo has dismissed a divorce case of a couple because dowry was not paid and the two were only cohabiting.

Blesswell Lunamba, 29, sued his wife of one year for divorce on allegation that she still communicated with her former boyfriend and other men despite his warnings.

Lunamba told the court that he married Cleopatra Phiri, 18, in January 2018 and since then they had been having misunderstandings.

“My wife is a liar. She lies almost on every occasion. One day she told me that she was going to visit her uncle, but she went to see her boyfriend, Mwansa.

“She still communicates with her ex-boyfriend for reasons known to herself. I am tired of warning her to stop this practice,” he said.

He told the court that his wife got pregnant in July and they now had a three-month old baby together, whom she stopped him from naming.

“My wife refused me to give the baby my preferred name, but this brought confusion and fights in the house, hence my coming to court,” Lunamba said.

In defence, Phiri said her husband used to tell her that she was demon-possessed and often called her a prostitute.

“My husband calls me a prostitute and at times packs my belongings to leave him alone. Parents have tried sitting us down but to no avail.

“He always says that I am not beautiful and that he cannot go anywhere with me. He needs a girl who will make him free in public,” she said.

Lunamba said he only wanted to divorce his wife and that he was ready to continue supporting his child.

But the court dismissed the case because dowry had not been paid, adding that the two had just been living like boyfriend and girlfriend.

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