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I want to improve Mulungushi Ward’


HE was inspired to stand as a civic leader by messages preached by then President Michael Sata.

He is one of the people who started the Patriotic Front (PF) party in Mulungunshi Ward.

The Sun newspaper caught up with PF Mulungunshi Ward Councillor Douglas Tembo, who shares his experience in this article.

Tell us about yourself

My names are Douglas Mako Tembo. I am a family man married with two children.

I am Mulungunshi Ward 18 Councillor in Mandevu Constituency under the ruling Patriotic Front.

I was elected in the 2016 general elections.

What inspired you to go into politics?

I started politics a long time ago. It was a matter of being full-time. You might be interested to know that I started PF in the ward.

I started getting interested in the message that late President Michael Sata used to preach then.

I looked around and there was no one to organise the party in Mulungunshi Ward. So I started it alone and other people started coming on board; people like Chisenga Lumbwe.

From there I became active, but before that I had worked in one or two organisations.

What are some of your achievements as a councillor?

I promised my people of my ward that my first priority would be infrastructure development such as the police post in Kalundu and road network.

My ward covers Olympia Park and others, and so far most of the areas have started receiving a share of road construction and rehabilitation.

Most of the roads have been tarred and this month we will start working on Lufubu road in Kalundu.

The other thing is that I promised the people of Kalundu that we would put up an ablution block at the market and the lighting system, which have been done.

Construction of a police post in Kalundu is also underway using CDF, and we are also doing residue spraying in residential areas.

As you are aware the ward has a lot of mosquitoes due to sewer ponds.

At least some promises I had made to electorate I am fulfilling them together with the Patriotic Front government.

What are some of the development challenges?

Mulungunshi Ward is different from other wards, so my ward comes with different challenges because of its nature.

It’s highly urbanised. I deal with people who are enlightened. Once you promise them that you will bring this they will listen and give you a time frame.

When you want to engage them, they will know what you are talking about.

They have no time to dance when you promise them some development. So to me I take it as a privilege working with them.

What are your plans for the ward?

I want to leave my ward a better place than I found it. I mentioned that when you come to my ward you will find that there is a contractor working on roads, and I want to leave a mark that there was a councillor who did this and brought this in Mulungunshi Ward.

What are your political aspirations?

For now we will cross the bridge when we reach it, but even you where you work you look forward to rising in your career.

Whatever will come after 2021, I will face it.

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