Kanyama residents turn to sewer water for laundry

Written by on May 12, 2019


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LACK of reliable water sources in some parts of Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound has forced some families in the area to resort to fetching the commodity at a blocked drainage behind Bwafwano Market.

A spot check at the site found some people busy washing their clothes and said they did not mind about the safety of the water as long as their clothes were clean.

Angela Gondwe said they did not care about what’s in the water so long their clothes are clean.

“Apa aya manzi niya free kulibe vo lipila so pe yakalibe kuyuma its better tiya using che, ngati niku dwala sembe tina dwala ku dala kaili silelo taymba ku washilapo panu,” Angela said.

Another user of the drainage Maureen Nachilima said the facility helped her save the k0.50ns she spent on each 20-litre container she paid when she drew water from the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company.

Ms Nachilima said she would rather spend the k0.50n on buns for her 7 children unlike waste it while the drainage provided free water.

Meanwhile workers at the Kanyama National Assembly Constituency offices said they had tried to stop the residents from using the dirty water in the drainage without success.

One of the workers Chikomeni Banda said they hadtried to involve the market chairperson who also tried to ban people from using this unclean water but it was all in vain.

“We have tried to stop them every day we try to stop them but they never listen because this water is very dirty, it’s not good to be used for anything,” Mr Banda said.

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