Kalingalinga soccer academy upbeat

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IN an effort to keep youths away from social vices, Lutanda Soccer Academy of Kalingalinga will continue to motivate them through football, says Coach William Mwanza.

Mwanza told the Sun Sport that the aim of the academy was to motivate children in compounds through football development.

“We started this soccer academy so that we could be helping young kids steer away from vices by motivating them through football,” says Mwanza.

Speaking during a training session at Kalingalinga grounds

Mwanza said:

 “Tinayamba ka team aka kuti tikazibatandizilako bafana aba chifukwa bangankaleko muli ija situation yakweba ati benangu banga nkaleko bakawawala but through bola yamene iyi bankala motivated instead of yakweba ati angayende kuba but timusungilako ku ground through bola yamene iyi tibasungilako time ,’’ he said.

‘”So ve timachita tinaushako academy ya bola and then tiliko na muntu wamene ama titandilzilako monga ama titumizilako monga tu ma jersey na ma bola so che,’’

He said that the academy engaged young players through soccer tournaments in which they were encouraged to compete for soccer jerseys and balls.

He said that Lutanda had been running since 2010 and has attracted young players from Mtendere and Kalingalinga.

The academy was yet to provide some of its players to the national organized age group soccer teams but it had sent two of its players to Sweden for its exchange programmes where they spent six months in that country.

“Tinayamba mu 2010 elo tenzeko na opportunity yotumako bafana babili bamene tinatumako ku Sweden banankaloko six months but apa banabwela so baliko kuno,’’ he said.

Mwanza stresseed that his academy hoped to be leading feeder not only to the national teams but other leading super league clubs in Zambia.

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