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GOVERNMENT’s decision to slash school and tertiary education fees is the best thing to have so far happened this year.

In fact, it is the best present that the state can give not only to parents and learners alike but also to the entire nation because it is a gesture that would basically benefit every citizen.

There is nothing as painful, to every parent and guardian, as not being in a position to send their children or dependents to school or college because they cannot afford to pay the fees.

It’s not only painful but an embarrassing experience too.

The desire and dream of every parent or guardian is to educate their children or dependents so that they could be in position to secure a livelihood and live independent lives in future. 

This was in fact a real source of worry and stress to most parents and guardians because, once upon a time, it had become an almost impossible undertaking for everyone to manage due to the high cost of fees then charged by both, schools and colleges.

The decision therefore, by the Ministry of General Education to come to the aid of parents and citizens alike, is a commendable and welcome move. This should also act an encouragement to everyone to send their children or dependents to school or college.

Almost every parent and guardian can at least afford to pay the school or college fees as they now stand and it would not be an understandable excuse for anyone to use the issue of fees as the reason they failed to educate their children or dependents. We need to all take advantage of the reduced fees and educate our children and dependents. We can at least afford them.

Apart from making education affordable, we think the move by g9vernment will also help to keep young people in school instead of wasting their lives in unproductive activities. Children have no excuse whatsoever for visiting bars and nights clubs as the case has been, and in some situations in their uniforms.

There are many stories of pupils who have failed to continue with their education because they could not afford high fees and have fallen prey to early pregnancies and marriages.

The more unfortunate ones have simply gone in prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse and many other social evils.

But now that fees have been reduced to ridiculously low levels, it is it entirely up to them to show interest in education and secure their future.

Their parents are merely facilitators while the whole education journey is dependent on them and this they should do because they have no excuse of pursuing education now.

In this vein, government must be highly commended for lowering education fees which the majority of Zambian parents can afford unless they purposely choose to be truant.

They should know that there is absolutely nothing that can replace education if they are to secure their future and live their imagined lives.

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