Ndola’s Broadway bus station in toilets glitch

Written by on May 10, 2019

LACK of toilet facilities at Ndola’s Broadway Bus Station has angered passengers who have called on the concerned authorities to look into the matter and quickly come up with a solution.
Some travelers talked to, said because of lack of toilets, men and women were being forced to share one toilet, the situation they said was unfortunate.
An old man who manages the only toilet told the Sun, said it was the duty of the Ndola City Council to put up more public toilets for passengers at the station.
The man who chose not to be named, explained that the toilet in question was actually private for property owners at the station and not the public.
He said that the fact both men and women used the same toilet was a great favour because such facilities were supposed to be provided by the Council.
“This toilet currently in use at the moment was actually meant for those working within the premises and not the public,” he said
He further on said that it was the duty of the council to put up public toilets for those in transit as the building which was housing the toilet was a private property and the owners were planning to sell it.
Broadway us station is used by most big bus operators such as like Mazhandu, Euro-Africa, Power Tools, Juldan Motors and many others.

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