‘He did not deflower me’

Written by on May 3, 2019


A MAN’S attempt to earn some money out of another man as compensation in Lusaka flopped lamentably when his daughter defended the accused saying he was not the father of her child.

The case was before the Matero Local Court.

In a surprise twist the court dismissed the case because pregnant girl denied that the man her father had fingered was not the one who had deflowered her.

Christopher Chingwele, 46, sued Owen Shachibondwe, 28, for damaging his daughter’s virginity by making her pregnant.
Chingwele told magistrate Pauline Newa that he had sat down with Shachibondwe and the two agreed that the latter would come on a Monday but did not show up.

“I followed him but he did not come so that we could discuss and my daughter needs to go for ante natal. I came here because he has not been supporting the pregnancy and I want him to be buying baby products,” Chingwele said.

When the 18-year-old expecting mother was asked if Shachibondwe was the one who had deflowered her she denied saying he was the second man to have sex with her.

“I had sent someone to go and call Chingwele’s daughter because I bought some things, but Chingwle chased me with a slasher and said he didn’t want to see me. I have no problem with maintaining the pregnancy,” Shachibondwe said.

But the stars were with him that day, for the girl’s testimony cleared him.

The court did not have a choice but to let Shachibondwe off the hook.
“He is not the first man to sleep with her. So there is no damage, but what is needed is for him to maintain the child. The claim is dismissed,” magistrate Newa said, giving Shachibondwe something to celebrate.

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