Evoking awareness towards solar energy

Written by on April 28, 2019

THROUGH the columns of your reputed newspaper, I wish to make the people aware of the growing need and demands of solar power.

 We all know that our earth is showing signs of a patient in declining health and it is due to excessive pollution on our planet.

Man has a desire to live a luxurious life and for that, he is over consuming electricity.

He doesn’t realize that overuse would exhaust the treasure. We must conserve electricity which is the need of the hour.

But this conservation can only be done if we start using solar power systems.

Various kinds of solar systems like solar cookers, solar lanterns, solar heating and cooking system, solar water heater, etc., are available in the market. These solar systems are non-polluting. They are economical and are available in different sizes.

 So, I request you to publish this letter in your newspaper to make people aware of the need of conserving electricity and limiting electricity bills. Public must pay attention to the dire need of switching over to solar energy.

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