Chilenje man ordered to pay K300 child maintenance

Written by on April 27, 2019



A LUSAKA man has been ordered to pay K300 child maintenance by the Chilenje Local Court where he was sued by his ex-lover.

Yona Nyirenda,35, of New Chilenje township was sued by Pumulo Sitenge,25, of the same area.

Sitenge explained that they were in a relationship which she thought would end up in marriage to Nyirenda.

 “He would come and stay at my house sometimes. When I was 8 months pregnant I discovered that he was married. At first he denied being married but when I insisted that he was, he eventually admitted that he was indeed married,” Sitenge said.

He then rented a house for her during pregnancy and provided all her needs.

“He used to visit and buy things for the child. But suddenly he stopped showing up. I tried calling him but I couldn’t get through,” Sitenge said.

“My child needs food and other things. I cannot manage to provide for him on my own because I am not working. I have brought him to court so that he can start supporting my child. He always gives excuses that he has problems with his wife,” Sitenge said.

The two were appearing before senior presiding local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Patrick Nyirenda.

Nyirenda admitted that he has child with his former lover and promised to be supporting his child.

“At first I used to give her whatever money I earned every week. I don’t get that much from my job, I can only manage to support my child with K200 per month,” Nyirenda said.

The court ordered Nyirenda to maintain his child with K300 per month and provide all the necessary needs.

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